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Free Web Building and Design Resources

Having designed and built by hand, learning from information available via the internet, Naj shares a selection of links to free resources for building and developing your own web site or web page. Relevant public forums can also be a good source for information and help.

Free resources for building and developing your own website:Official Internet Registry for .uk Domain Names Here you can check if a .uk domain name is available or already in use. Use Allwhois to check the availability of any domain name, e.g. .com, .org.Tizag Tutorials Very much designed with beginners in mind, free HTML and script tutorials. Also includes a guide to finding a suitable web host. You need to be sure you are choosing the right hosting solution, which doesn't necesarily mean the cheapest. About Web Design Another good reference for HTML code, CSS and web design generally, including free tutorials, tips and discussion about web design issues. W3 Schools Free Online Web Building Tutorials Once confident, a good place to learn, reference and try out HTML, CSS and more. CSS CreatorIncludes a large collection of some very useful resources on their links page, plus there is a helpful CSS forum where you can exchange or receive advice and tips on creating a website. CSS Crib Sheet Quick reference sheet for some of those troublesome CSS layout issues. Ten Ways to Speed up the Download time of your Web Pages Poor practices with coding and web images can contribute to slow-loading web pages. This is a general ten point checklist. Websites That SuckAn often entertaining look at badly designed sites - the intention being to learn good web design by looking at bad web design. W3 Markup Validation Service A free online validator for checking HTML & XHTML. Validating your code can help toward solving layout issues and spotting typographical errors. It can also help toward ensuring your web pages are crawled and indexed properly. Total Validator (with optional Firefox Extension) Another free validator tool, a little more user friendly and with a desktop version and spell checker option (does not check grammar or same word repetition). There is also a free Total Validator Firefox extension which allows one-click validation. W3 CSS Validation service The W3 validator for CSS style sheets. If you use CSS in your web pages or externally, this is the place to validate. Firefox Web Developer ExtensionMany developers use an up-to-date version of a standards compliant web browser such as Firefox for initially building web pages, then amend or add code as necessary for other browsers. The web developer extension adds a menu and a web building toolbar to Firefox browser. Browsershots Free service for testing the visual appearance of your web pages in different browsers. Web pages need to be checked to see they are rendered (i.e. displayed) correctly in different browsers. Validating your code before going on to browser testing, will help discount coding errors as a possible cause of layout problems. How to follow the Google Webmaster GuidelinesA very helpful website for how to get the most out of Google by following their guidelines.The site is independent of Google, and especially suitable for new web masters. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is an excellent free resource that will help you monitor and work out your web site's performance. Self SEOAn example of one of many sites on the web giving advice for Search Engine Optimization. This site, and some others, offer free online tools to help in buidling a sucessful website. Security Spyware Rootkits Virus Trojan and Worm Removal Links from NowYouDo This site brings together some of the best free security software available on the net, including free anti-virus software.

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