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Useful Free Resources for Graphics and Web Images

For artist web sites, images are a necessity, not just an enhancement. You may spend a fair amount of time on the graphic design and image content for your website, if you want a good-looking site that downloads in a reasonable time. The selction of links below are examples of sites and tools that may help in this process.

Free Graphics & Web Images Resources: When to Use JPEG, GIF or PNG Format for Your Web Images Advice for choosing the correct image file format for web images. HTML Colors HTML colors and color charts. Colour Conversion Tool from An example of a free tool to help you convert colours between RGB, CMYK and official color names. CSS Figures & Captions CSS tutorial for scalable figures or images with captions. CSS Play Stu Nicholls web site includes lots of useful CSS code examples including some that explore different ways for presenting albums of images on web pages. GRSites Backgrounds and Textures Archive An example of a site offering free customisable backgrounds and textures. Janee's Photoshop Tutorials Learn to build your own web graphics and enhance web images using Photoshop. Auction Orbits Tutorials on Watermarking an Image. Effective watermarking is one step that can be taken to discourage image theft on the web. This site has easy to follow step by step tutorials on how to watermark an image using MS Paint, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Irfanview. Also includes links to download free and trial versions of relevant image editing software. Free Online GIF Image editor Simple to use free online resource for editing your GIF images. Faststone Image Viewer Faststone Image Viewer is a handy image editing program for presenting, organising, and cropping images for a variety of uses. This is an Open Source project, free to download for home users.

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