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Past Miniature Artworks

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  • Nosey Robin
  • Little Dragon
  • American Robin
  • Beach Huts
  • White Rabbit in the Pumpkin Patch
  • Winter Stoat in Ermine
  • Bluebell Wood
  • Leopard
  • Red Ballet Shoes
  • Little Snow Pony
  • Carnival Queen Cat
  • Fawn in the Snow
  • Fairy Pony

This ACEO art gallery page provides an opportunity to view some past miniature affordable works of art by Naj. Here you can take a closer look at a selection of original "ACEO" art cards (i.e. trading card size works measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches) sold at auction.

  • Larger re-creation paintings may be commissioned.
  • All of these ACEO images are available as printed editions and as greetings cards.
  • Please contact Naj with your requirements.

Mydepictions Art Auctions

These promotional samples of original art by Naj were sold on ebay. Naj is currently taking a break from selling original art at auction. However, you are welcome to visit the buy affordable art at auction link to check the availability of Mydepictions art listings.

You can now purchase ACEOs by Naj online at Depictions etsy store.

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