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Horse Art Gallery

  • Race Horse Pastel Portrait.
  • Mythical Horse Acrylic Painting.
  • Pembrokeshire Horse Portrait
  • Tonal Horse Art

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Naj's Horse Art Gallery showcases a small selection of equine art and horse art by Naj, including horse portrait paintings, fantasy horse art and miniature horse art.

Horses have long been a favourite subject of the artist who holds an admiration for the horse paintings of British artist George Stubbs (1724 - 1806).

Equine Art & Horse Portraits...

Equestrian art or equine portrait paintings can be more labour-intensive than other animal portraits. This is especially true when the horse is portrayed with tack and/rider. The complex anatomy of equine subjects means horses can sometimes prove more of an artistic challenge than some other animal subjects!

For these reasons a horse painting commission may be a little more costly than, for example, a simple dog portrait painting. If you are interested in commissioning a horse art work or have any queries, please contact Naj.

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